June 17, 2008

Model search and other workshop news!

Okay my model search is underway. I need many different models for my portfolio.

Im starting off with some outdoor stuff since right now the weather is nice but in about a month Im going to need to do maternity, newborn, and infants. So if you fit into any of these categories and want to be involved please email me so I can put you on the list, but it wont be for about a month-6 weeks. These will also take place indoors with studio lighting.

Okay I need:

6 month olds (or able to sit up on his/her own)

kids of all ages (first come first serve and when the age group fills up Ill post)


twins of any age

Seniors for my 2009 year



All locations will be in the weber or davis county areas with the exception of a few in North Salt Lake. Oh and one in Salt Air, if you can hang with the bugs :) There will be urban sessions, regular sessions and some creative sessions I cant mention :) Please email me at marissavargasonphotography@gmail.com and please, if you email me to commit, make sure you are available to be a model. All models will receive a free session and a $25 print credit.

Workshop News!

Im teaming up with Ann Montgomery from Anniemations photography to bring you a workshop on capturing better pictures! This will be a lot of fun! I cant wait!


Manual Photography Course Sign up

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