August 29, 2008

Apology and Tag!

So sorry this blog has been neglected Ive been crazy busy but I promise to post lots soon!!! Also check out my personal blog for some really neat artsy stuff coming soon!

I am: a mother, a photographer, a fighter in my beliefs.
I know: I should be more productive but sometimes I cant turn off my creativity!
I want: a new camera, white and chestnut seemless paper, flokati rug from Ikea, my ideal wicker basket, some new clothes, my kids to have clothes, money for their birthdays and Christmas lol sorry got carried away
I have: been truly blessed
I wish: my hubby could find a job he truly enjoyed with normal business hours and decent pay, anyone?
I hate: putting away the laundry absolutely HATE it!
I miss: life being back to normal, but I guess Id rather live a rollercoaster then a mary-go-round (did I even spell that right?)
I fear: losing a loved one (I almost don't even dare say it)
I feel: Excited to take on new ventures making things and hopefully seeing my photography business grow and be able to offer my clients unique things!
I hear: My dad, the washer, and Brenley watching emporers new groove
I smell: Fresh air, I have my windows open airing out our house.
I crave: A night out :)
I search: for my inner self lol I have no idea what to write on this one!
I wonder: how the near future will go.
I regret: nothing
I love: my family and my really close friends who help and support me (you know who you are!)
I care: community service, helping others and about giving back, and want to know how.
I always: clean out my ears after the shower, he he he, I just thought I better put something down I ALWAYS do, you have to dry them right! he he he
I am not: a quitter!
I believe: Faith is Knowing, thats a good one Ann, had to use it too!
I dance: with Brenley she loves to dance
I sing: in the shower okay no I dont...
I fight: Brenley every night to go to sleep, and to get her in her bed, anyone have any tips?
I write: on IM okay lol I am starting to do journals for my kids and every year put pictures in there as well thanks to a friends advice :)
I lose: car keys
I win: hummmm . . . not sure how to answer that one.
I never: have been to Hawaii
I listen: to advice, whether I take it or not is another story
I am scared: the unknown
I need: to be wiser with my hubby's money :)
I am happy about: Life and the opporunity the Lord has given me and the special talents he has given me.

Now I tag anyone who wants to do this but for sure....Tina, Bran, and Becky :)


Ann August 29, 2008 at 11:48 AM  

Good Answers! I am glad you did it!

Brandi Boggie August 29, 2008 at 3:20 PM  

I am: a wife, mother and friend
I know: what my kids want even if they don't tell me
I want: a wii/wii fit!
I have: a wonderful husband
I wish: we could catch a financial break
I hate: doing dishes!!
I miss: my sister
I feel: sometimes I don't give myself enough credit
I hear: my kids yelling out the window
I smell: my freshly shampooed hair
I crave: Mc Donalds french fries!
I search: the internet for new digital scrapbook kits
I wonder: if my kids will ever listen to me
I regret: not getting my drivers license many years ago
I love: my family and friends
I care: about my children's future
I always: doubt myself
I am not: very confident
I believe: everything happens for a reason
I dance: to the Wiggles with my kids
I sing: in the car
I fight: the urge to tell my sister in law how I really feel about her.
I write: grocery lists then forget to bring them with me to the store!
I lose: Chris' tools LOL
I win: Uno games with Chris
I never: forget to tell my kids I love them
I listen: to my husband when he tells me about his day
I am scared: of not having enough money to feed my kids
I need: to get a job and my license
I am happy about: the prospects we have for next year

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